Monday, March 9, 2009

more acrylic eyecandy

i have been aimlessly googling online - trying to find out WHERE forever 21 gets their acrylic store decor..... at last I have found something!

the entire store design was created by Lexington, a design/fabrication company. now if only I can get my hands on these for a reasonable price.......

Saturday, March 7, 2009

modern acrylic chandelier. LOOOOVE it. 

Saturday, February 21, 2009


i love this look, but is it too trendy that i'll regret it later?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy v day

while i was online browsing for corsage styles... I stumbled upon some AMAZING photos by photographer, tony yang. here are my two favorite so far..

Monday, February 9, 2009


we're still shopping for an engagement ring.

we've gone back in forth about having a ring, not having one, just having a band...just using our existing promise rings as wedding bands.... everything. in light of the economy, the fiance has gone into save mode. which is very responsible of him but at the same time i'm having a hard time accepting the idea of no ring at all. (which is selfish, i know, but I can't help it!) we've been looking into some alternatives..... like this cutie from Dior's oui collection (center stone is pink morganite):

rose gold is really growing on me. especially with that gorgeous pink stone!

tick tock, tick tock!

YES! we finally booked the venue right at the end of 2008. and seriously, as soon as we secured the location i went into relax mode. it's true when they say once you've got the place down you can take it easy..... at least for a little bit. check it out:

now, the rest of the fun starts! I just met with Holly (florist) and will be meeting with The Kitchen (caterer) soon. I have yet to make a website with our Save-the-dates.......... eeek! i feel like time is counting down. FAST.

for the past several months I've been all over snippet & ink (along with lots of other beautiful blogs) obsessing over inspiration boards/themes. They all look so lovely which is the worst case scenario for someone as indecisive as me. I think i've lost sleep over wedding colors!

After meeting with Holly and Beth (our planner), my vision is slowly coming into focus. to help me stay focused, I gathered all the inspirational pictures i've seen from these blogs and created my own board! 
wedding mood
(bride/groom from, blue/white china from, candelabras from, cupcakes from Le Cupcake. sorry, I don't know the rest but most images can be found on snippet & ink)

I knew i wanted tea cups as part of the decor which eventually led me to blue/white china. trying to find affordable pieces online has been a challenge and luckily i stumbled upon, but before I commit to an online purchase I scoped out Chinatown yesterday and found several items that could work!

(the hand is used to give an idea of size)

more to come!